Free wifi

At Hopping frog you will always enjoy high speed Wi-Fi free of cost. We understand the importance of our customers to be connected to their family and friends while they are on the move hopping to new places.

USB & plug point in bed

We have provided most of the beds with 2 USB and universal Plug points to charge all kinds of gadgets.

Gaming & TV

We have Gaming console and wide screen television in our common area for your entertainment.

AC rooms

There are air conditioned rooms in the hostel for customers who can’t beer the summer heat.

Bar & cafe

Hopping frog Café and Bar caters to the hostel crowd by providing a range of food and drinks starting from breakfast all the way till mid night.

Cab service

We can arrange for cabs for our customers to take them from the hostel to different parts of Goa.

Bikes & scooters

Customers can hire bikes and scooters from the hostel at a very affordable price.

Laundry facility

Laundry service is available at the hostel for the customers to be used at a minimal cost.

Luggage storage

Customers can store their luggage at a small cost for a long term if they are travelling to other parts of India and want to travel light.

Private rooms

We have few option of private rooms on and off the campus which the customers can choose if they need more privacy.

Tours and travel

We can arrange for tours and travels for our customers all across Goa and also around India.

All girls dorm

We have an option of all girl’s dorm for ladies who would like to stay with other ladies.


Bed and Breakfast

Package 1

Bed & Breakfast

Bed Breakfast and Bicycle

Package 2

Bed, Breakfast & Bicycle

Bed and Scooter

Package 3

Bed & Scooter

About HOPPING FROG hostel

The name, HOPPING FROG, holds a great deal of meaning to us. Frogs start their lives as tiny tadpoles limited to the body of water they are born in. As they grow up and gain limbs, they leave home and merrily hop to new destinations and varying habitats as they express their newfound freedom. They meet new individuals and congregate near ponds making beautiful music together, living their humble nomadic lives. We see this as a metaphorical representation of the lives led by backpackers and tourists.

Hopping Frog Goa

Hop into the oasis of joy, nature and adventure

HOPPING FROG by GREEN SPACE is a concept so unique, yet so fundamental, to us. We at GREEN SPACE group, aim to give the best hostel experience enwrapped in nature. More than just a hostel, our accommodation gives our residents the opportunity to have fun and discover exciting new places. We at HOPPING FROG invite people from all over the world. This makes us an oasis of creativity and diverse thoughts.

“Hopping frog” also represents the emphasis that we have towards nature and its unique creations. The property is seamlessly intermingled with an abundance of wildlife and greenery. We believe that the best place for our customers to unwind and de-stress, is in the arms of nature. Tourists from all over the world visit Goa for its perennial vegetation, rustic Portuguese aesthetic and gorgeous beaches.


GREEN SPACE is a name that was derived from a very basic, yet rudimentary, philosophy. We at GREEN SPACE try to create as much as we can from recycled items, preserving the nature around us. Harmony with nature is at the core of our mission. GREEN SPACE tries to remind travelers that the key to true peace is to be embraced in the bosom of Mother Nature herself. The offspring of this philosophy at GREEN SPACE is HOPPING FROG.

Who comes to Hopping Frog ?

HOPPING FROG welcomes people of all age, background and interests. The Hostel will appeal to travelers who seek a tranquil environment. This hostel is a sanctuary for people who want to experience all aspects of Goa. Hopping Frog is also a place for travelers who are looking for a secure and clean environment to live in, during their travels. The hostel has all the facilities that a demanding traveler would look for. We combine top grade service with a very approachable and friendly staff.

When is it open?

The Hostel is open throughout the year. Please check our website for tariff around the year and other details about us. www.hoppingfrog.in

Culture , heritage and sport

Goa is a city with rich Portuguese heritage.This includes: - Old churches and other beautiful marvels of architecture.
Football is the real love of Goa along with cricket, beach volleyball, hockey, kabaddi and many other sports. Goa is also considered as the party capital of India. Hosting annual music festivals and concerts from talented artists all over the globe.

Wildlife and Nature ?

Goa is a natural heaven. Beaches,mountains, rivers and forests are abundant in Goa. There are bird sanctuaries and wildlife parks for the avid nature lover. Domestic wildlife is abundant and coexistent with humans in ultimate harmony.

Outdoor pursuits ?

Goa has a host of outdoor activities to undertake.: - Beach activities, Club/Pub hopping, Yoga, sightseeing, water sports, parasailing, natural forest reserves, scuba diving etc.

Hopping Frog Cafe


Connect to us here!

554/1 Bhawto waddo , Assagao , Bardez , Goa

Mohit Tiwari - mohit@hoppingfrog.in

Sonali Lotlikar - sonali@hoppingfrog.in

Ishan Thakur - ishan@hoppingfrog.in

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